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The Education Ministry of the Archdiocese forms an integral part of the Archdiocesan activities. Like any other ministry and its activities it is to help people, especially the younger ones to realize the Kingdom here on earth. While striving for academic excellence, the ministry places special thrust on creating among the students values expected of the Kingdom and instilling a deep sense of commitment to it.

The Kingdom here on earth is understood as a society led by love, the other oriented, as against the one by self-centered concerns like positions and possessions etc. It also expects us to inculcate in them a strong sense of liberty, equality and fraternity among other humane values including the ones to protect the universe for the future generations too.

Education as we aim at must break the ‘culture of silence’ and enable people to build a society where people are not mere objects and passive pawns in the hands of the big and powerful, but active agents of their progress and participants and partners in building their own destiny.

The ministry of education, therefore, commits itself to use the various informational, psychological and spiritual means available to build up the students as future torch bearers for a better and more humane society.

As the realization of the Kingdom is not the exclusive prerogative of anyone, all need to be enlisted. The Church declaring itself as an agency that defines its identity in the commitment to bring the Good News to the poor, our educational institutions will naturally reflect that.

Neither is the task of realizing the Kingdom limited to our institutions alone. Hence we need to involve all concerned through dialogues, discussions, seminars, motivational and awareness programmes for students, staff, parents etc. Our responsibility certainly extends far and wide beyond the boundaries of our institutions.

We need to take into account the context in which we work, that is the Kerala situation and the developments that take place almost every day. The state has no option to be an on looker alone on the sidelines alone.

In a situation of cent percent literacy, we as a people are hardly 70% literate! Likeminded people are more than welcome to free this people which according to Jesus ‘truth alone’ will bring.

Functions of the Board:

1. The Board of Education primarily aims at offering necessary guidance to the educational ministry at various levels.

2. The Board functions as a resource centre to advice on all possible educational fields, i.e., literacy, primary, secondary, collegiate, professional and technical.

3. The Board encourages professional planning among those involved in the promotion of the education.

4. The Board extends assistance in the levels of

1. maintenance and developments of infra structure

2. academic excellence

3. matters of higher education

5. The Board shall collect information in the above areas and present them along with half yearly reports with recommendations and suggestions.

6. The Board shall try to help the concerned bodies on policy matters and give necessary directions on issues relating to their efficient and fruitful functioning.

7. The Board shall help to prepare annual budget, annual reports and accounts for approval and audit.

8. The Board shall prepare policy guidelines regarding appointments.

9. The Board shall meet quarterly or as and when needed.

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Education Ministry Board Members

1. Rev. Fr. Pancretius. A
2. Very. Rev. Msgr. Eugine. H. Pereira
3. Very Rev.Msgr. Wilfred. E
4. Very Rev. Fr. James Culas
5. Rev. Fr. Wilfred. V
6. Very. Rev. Fr. Sunny Jose Puthenpurayil SJ
7. Rev. Sr. Renetta
8. Prof. Cris George
9. Prof. Francis Sunny
10. Mr. Stephen Culas
11. Mr. Issac
12. Rev. Fr. Shajin Jose. A

Office Staff

1. Mr. Nelson. A – Administrative Officer, R.C Schools
2. Smt. Achamma Mathew – Superintendent, R.C Schools
3. Smt. Celin Lopez – Accountant, Board of Education and R. C. Schools
4. Ms. Stella D’Souza – Computer Operator
5. Mr. Kingsley Johns. N – Manager, Information & Guidance Centre for Higher Education

Forane Animators

1. Hamlet Gastin – Anjengo
2. Mathew C. D – Kovalam
3. Julie Dainatius – Palayam
4. Anilla Allen – Pettah
5. Mary Thresial Morais. R – Pulluvila
6. Prabha Hendry – Puthukurichy
7. Mallika. S – Thoothoor
8. Judit. L – Valiathura

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