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Trivandrum- Itanagar Dioceses to work together

Trivandrum- Itanagar Dioceses to work together
Trivandrum , 10 July 2019. His grace Rev. Dr. Soosaipakiam M, Archbishop of the Latin archdiocese of Trivandrum and His excellency Rt. Rev. John Thomas Kattrukudiyil , Bishop of Itanagar , decided to work hand in hand as a part of ' The Heart to Heart ' Mission. This decision is a part of one of the declarations of the Mission Congress held in Vallarpadam.
The diocese of Itanagar is situated at the North – Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh close to Indo-China border.
The diocese is so vast that there arose a need for more number of priests.
It was the Salvadorians followed by the Salesian Congregation members who reached Assam years back had sown the first seeds of evangelization . As a result later the diocese of Itanagar was formed.
“Since many years, the local Govt hardly did anything for the welfare of the people in this area alleging that there was forced conversions by different Christian communities” , states Bishop John.
Regardless of their own comforts, inspite of the hardships, the various monastic communities work with the people as one among them . In attribute to this , there emerges lots of new vocations.
Bishop John hopes and is looking forward to working together with the Archdiocese of Trivandrum.
At present the archdiocese has 3 seminarians serving in the Diocese of Itanagar and hopes to collaborate more.

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