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Logos Quiz Mobile App – a more exciting third version now!

The smart phone app, which was launched three years ago by the Pastoral ministry and the Media Commission in the Latin Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram, is launched as the latest version.
Each year, thousands of people around the globe , make use of this app for the preparations for The Logos Quiz in Malayalam.
Launched three years ago, this project is now popular among Catholic Malayalees all over the world.
The complete quiz - app is organized into 25 parts of five rounds of ten questions each.
With the added benefit of 100 questions in the Logos quiz model, a total of 1550 questions are made available for the users.
More than 6000 people from different parts of the world have participated in this smart phone quiz contest last time and the winners were announced.
This website www.logosquizapp.com allows us to view the dioceses, parishes and parishioners who achieved the highest points in the quizzes in real – time.And also the winners of Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum are awarded.
The app , launched by the Metropolitan Archbishop His Grace Rev Dr Soosaipakiam M , is now available in Google Play Store.


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