Unit for Children in Distress

On 18th Tuesday in the TSSS  has introduced a new CHILDLINE collab centre for the children in distress. Archbishop Most Rev Dr. M. Soosa Pakiam inaugurated the function. During the inaugural address he said that, he is man who encourages the programmes for the children. He stated some of the recent incidents to show the importance of CHILDLINE. While the felicitation address Sr. Jiji Alexander, H.M of St. Philomena’s GHS Poonthura said that, in today’s world children are in the prison of fear and darkness even in their family. Here child line plays an important role to encourage the dreams of children. And also she wished that let it be a good remedy to their problems. Keynote address was given by Mr. Muhamad Ali, the programme coordinator, CHILDLINE India Foundation. Miss. Soorya, a student representative from St. Philomena’s School expressed her gratitude and felicitation to the new childline collab centre. And also she added that childline is a great help to the children, who all are victims (eg. Asifa,  Jisha, Jesna, etc.) of violence, physical and mental. Students and staffs from the Centre of Excellence and St. Philomena’s, GHS, Poonthura also took part in the event.  

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