Youth Ministry in Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese is one of the inevitable forces of this local church. Their involvement in every sphere of life, especially in educational, cultural and social problems of the diocese over the years indeed is commendable. The official youth organization of the Archdiocese is KCYM (Kerala Catholic Youth Movement). It is the official organization under the guidance of KCBC (Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference). It is affiliated to the National Youth Movement (ICYM). It consists of the youngsters between the age group of 15-35. All Catholics who are members of this organization are bound to uphold the Christians IMG_5678 Values. This organization aims at making the youth committed to the serving mission to the church to the least, last and the lost.

Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese consists of 114 Parishes spread through 8 Vicariates. Youth movements either KCYM or Jesus Youth is there in all the Parishes. KCYM has got more than 100 units in the diocese. Jesus Youth has got 35 prayer groups in the diocese. The objective of the youth ministry is to bring all youth of the diocese committed seriously to the Christian values by making them to partake in any Christian youth movements of the diocese.

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