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The activities of the Archdiocese of Trivandrum are clubbed under three independent commissions and five boards. The three independent Commissions are: Commission for Basic Christian Communities, Commission for Media and Commission for Youth. The five boards are: Board of Pastoral Ministry, Board of Education, Board of Social Action, Board of Temporality and Board for Clergy and Religious.
Board of Pastoral Ministry
Every activity related with the Church could be included in theme “pastoral.” The Archdiocese of Trivandrum, however, has limited the activities of pastoral ministry under seven commissions:

      1. Commission for Bible Apostolate
      2. Commission for Christian Faith Formation (Catechism)
      3. Commission for Liturgy
      4. Commission for Family Apostolate
      5. Commission for Evangelization
      6. Commission for Pious Associations
      7. Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue

Vision and Activities of Commissions
I.  Bible Commission
The Bible commission aims at making Bible an integral part of everyday life of faithful. And the commission enables the faithful to explore the meaning of the Word of God in the cultural context of Asia in general and India in particular. To achieve this aim, the following activities are initiated:

      1. The Bible Quiz
        1. At the diocesan level
        2. At the state level
      2. Bible Correspondence Course at the State Level
      3. Bible Society Membership Drive
      4. Bible Kalolsavam (literary and cultural contests based on biblical themes)
        1. At the Parish level
        2. At the Forane level
        3. At the Diocesan level
        4. At the State level
      5. Bible Class
        1. At the Parish level
        2. At the Forane level
        3. At the Diocesan level
      6. Resource Team Formation and Training
        1. At the Parish level
        2. At the Forane level
        3. At the Diocesan level

II. Commission for Christian Faith Formation (Catechism)
Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “Catechism aims at presenting an organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine, as regards both faith and morals, in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the Church’s Tradition. Its principal sources are the Sacred Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, the liturgy, and the Church’s Magisterium.” To realize this aim the following programmes are initiated in the diocese:

      1. Teachers’ Training
      2. Primary training
      3. Basic training
      4. Advanced training
      5. Leadership Camp at the Forane Level for Students’ Representatives of Catechism Classes
      6. Two Semester Examinations
      7. Final Examination to Award Merit
      8. Inspection of Parish Level Sunday School Functioning
      9. Teachers’ meeting in Parish and Forane Level
      10. Teachers’ Retreat in Forane Level
      11. Anniversary Celebration in Parish-Forane-Diocesan Level
      12. Preparation of text books for LKG and UKG classes

III.Commission for Liturgy
The implications that have been shaped through Bible reading and interpretation, and the significance of doctrines that have been taught at the Catechism class are transformed into practical realization and celebration in everyday life. To this purpose the following programmes are initiated:

      1. Formation of Liturgical Team
        1. At the Parish Level
        2. At the Forane Level
        3. At the Diocesan Level
      2. Awareness Programmes
        1. Importance of Sacramental Life
        2. Theology of Liturgy
        3. Study on Different Parts of Mass
        4. Fruitful Celebration of Liturgy
      3. Preparation of Hymn Book, “Virunnorungi” for the Liturgical Year A and C
      4. Preparation of Liturgical Aid, “Neerchalukal
      5. Training for
        1. Altar Servers
        2. Sacristans

IV. Family Apostolate
The family apostolate commission aims to model the families both as a symbol of the Trinitarian love, care and concern and as an instrument where the kingdom of God becomes a lived experience. The major activities under this commission are:

      1. House Visits (care for the sick and assistance to the needy)
      2. Marriage Preparation Course in the Diocesan Level (twice in a month)
      3. Adult Education in the Parish Level (Preparation for Marriage)
      4. Post-Marriage Course for Young Couples (who have completed 10 years of married life)
      5. Counselling for Couples in Forane centres
      6. Marriage Bureau (helping to find suitable partners)

 V.Commission for Evangelization
The only mission of the Church remains evangelization. This sole mission of the Church is realizes in two ways: first, Church actualizes the Gospel in herself and second, Church witness the Gospel to the world. To realize this purpose the following programmes are initiated:

      1. Training for Catechists
        1. Annual Retreat
        2. Bi-monthly Seminars
      2. Training for Pastoral Ministry Convenors
      3. Theology Correspondence Course in the Diocesan Level
      4. Initiating Mission Support (large parishes adopting mission parishes for mission expansion and mission maintenance)

VI.Commission for Pious Association
Different levels of charism are nourished and enchanted for the spiritual growth of the faithful through the different pious associations. Each association is trained to work to realize the vision of the Archdiocese. The main activities are:

      1. Formation of Common Bye-Law for the Pious Associations
      2. Diocesan Level Seminar for Office-Bearers
      3. Forane Level Retreats

VII.Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue
The active presence of multi-religions and multi-churches in India, particularly in Kerala, makes obvious the need for a Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue. The commission aims to contribute dynamically to maintain religious harmony and inter-church relationship by convening periodical meetings with the different religious heads and by participating actively in the programmes of United Christian Movement (UCM). Main activities are:

      1. Dialogue with Different Religious Heads
      2. Public Meetings to Promote Religious Harmony in the Parish Level on the Occasion of Parish Feast
      3. Formation of Peace Committees at the Parish Level to Promote Religious Harmony (having representatives from different religious communities)
      4. Collaborating with Christian Churches

We hope to bring children, adults and families of our Archdiocese into a fuller awareness of Catholic faith, the Scriptures, the Church, Liturgy, the Sacraments and other issues of our day through the activities of Pastoral Ministry. We view the formation of faith and conscience as a lifelong process that continues in the heart and home our faithful, enabling them to journey together toward a deeper relationship with God and neighbour.

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