Today's Thought: The focus of priestís life cannot be in terms of his professional competencies or even his accomplishments, but in terms of how close he is to his people. (C.A Gallagher)

Name:Rev.Fr. Cosmas K.
Date of birth:08-09-1977
Date of Ordination:31-03-2008
Present Designation:Parish Priest at Thazhampally St.James' Church
Present Address: Parish Priest, St. James Church, Thazhampally, Kadakom P.O., Chirayinkil, Trivandrum - 695 304

Name:Rev.Fr. Darwin Peter
Date of birth:27-04-1974
Date of Ordination:20-04-2004
Present Address:ROME

Name:Rev.Fr. Davidson S
Date of birth:05-10-1964
Date of Ordination:30-12-1991
Present Designation:Parish Priest at Puthenthope St.Ignatius Church
Present Address:Parish Priest, St. Ignatius Church, Puthenthope, (Via) St. Xavier's College P.O., Trivandrum - 695 586,
Parish of Origin:Paruthiyoor

Name:Rev.Fr. Dony D
Date of birth:10-11-1985
Date of Ordination:24-04-2014
Present Designation:Assistant TSSS Director at De-Addiction Centre
:Assistant at Poonthura St.Thomas Church
Present Address:Pratheeksha De-adiction Centre, Shangumuham , Beach P.O., Trivandrum - 695 007, Kerala, India

Name:Very.Rev.Dr. Dyson Y
Date of birth:14-11-1971
Date of Ordination:05-05-1999
Present Designation:Forane Vicar at Thoothoor
Present Address:Vicar Forane of Thoothoor Forane & Parish Priest, St. Catherine's Church, Eraviputhenthurai, Thoothoor P.O., Tamilnadu, K.K. District 629 176

Name:Rev.Fr. Edison Y. M.
Date of birth:11-01-1975
Date of Ordination:24-04-2003
Present Designation:STUDY at ROME
Present Address:Rettore Pontificium Collegium Lateranense, V.le Alessandrino, 675 00172 ROMA
Parish of Origin:Vettucaud

Name:Rev.Fr. Elias D
Date of birth:19-04-1935
Date of Ordination:16-03-1963
Present Designation:Residence at Ambalanagar

Name:Very Rev.Msgr. Eugine H. Pereira
Date of birth:16-10-1958
Date of Ordination:02-04-1986
Present Designation:Archdiocese of Trivandrum at Vicar General
Present Address:Latin Archbishops House, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum - 695 003
Parish of Origin:Puthenthope

Name:Rev.Fr. Francis Assisi
Date of birth:12-05-1986
Date of Ordination:09-04-2015
Present Address:Parish Priest St. Mary's Church, Vallavilai, K.K. District - 629 160, Tamilnadu T: 04651-246157; C: 04651-246659 Mobile: 9600953595

Name:Rev.Fr. Fredy Joy
Date of birth:02-10-1986
Date of Ordination:31-03-2016