The objective of catholic education strategy plans the development of a society based on human values through the integral development of the person. Throughout the centuries the Latin Catholics of Kerala especially the Latin Catholics of the fishermen community of the people remained backward in the socio- occupational- and educational sectors. The diocesan plan visions to bring all these people to the mainstream of the society by empowering the generation through education.


  • The education ministry envisages to provide a Christian value system to the children and family through education.
  • Making the current basic education programmes more efficient as well as to create a better system for the career oriented higher education for our children.
  • Bringing the entire community to the main stream of the society through education.
  • Make the children acquainted with the higher education and occupational possibilities available inside and outside the country.

The parish and forane level Programmes

Preparing a complete survey of the students and their educational needs and possibilities.

The diocesan survey findings indicate a lack of talents in lingual capabilities of the students, programmes to address this issue. Organise programmes to help student in the three languages.

Monitoring the progress of the students in their educational reports.

Supplimentary education programmes to the children who have a need for help.

Organizing careen guidance, and careen oriented councelling for those who need to opt between different professional courses.

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