Rt. Rev.Jacob Acharuparambil OFM Cap

Rt. Rev.Jacob Acharuparambil OFM Cap

Rt. Rev. Dr. JACOB ACHARUPARAMBIL OFM Cap(1919-1995)
Born : April 16 1919 Ordinated :March 17 1945
Episcopal Consecration : Oct 7 1979

The Capucian Priest Fr.Jacob Acharuparambil, born on April 16, 1919, was a Theologian and after being ordained a priest for 34 years, he was ordained Bishop on October 7th, 1979. His appointment as Bishop of this diocese was a right choice at the right time. This was the feeling of the people, including the priests and religious. He encouraged and brought in different renewal programmes in the diocese. Catechism, Kerala Catholic Youth Movement and Liturgy were made alive and active. He reorganized the Curia. He appointed two priests, Fr.James Amado and Fr.A.George as Episcopal Vicars of the diocese to help the Bishop. All important decisions were taken in consultation with the Priests in the Senate.

KCYM activities came in the scene as a sudden growth. Bishop Pereira Hall, Nandavanam, Jubilee Memorial Animation Centre, Vellayambalam, Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Playam, St.Vincent’s Minor Seminary, Kazhkuttom, were built during his time with the help of funding agencies and local resources. He conducted a seminar for the Priests and Social welfare group members in Vettuthura Canosian Retreat Centre, in which they came to the conclusion that participation of the laity in the diocesan structures and programmes will accelerate the social development in the diocese. T.S.S.S’. units in the parish level, Health education programmes, housing schemes, small savings scheme, etc were started in the diocese.

It was during his time that the government announced All Saints College and St.Xavier’s College as Colleges of Latin Catholic Community. He established new criteria in appointing teachers in the schools under Corporate Management. He mobilized local resources for the maintenance of the schools and stopped all other means of raising funds.

Due to his sickness, he was relieved from his office on 31st January 1990. The charge of the diocese was handed over to the newly appointed administrator of the Diocese, Bishop elect Soosa Pakiam. A spiritual and a holy man, Bishop Acharuparambil, handed over his spirit in the hands of the Lord on 13th August 1995.

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